Box 4


What the Country Needs 

Poetry is what our country needs most

a poem each day – feels like a Sunday roast

poems for the many – not just the few

greedy bankers – humming spreadsheets in the pew.


Poems for all, the sick and the healthy

if you give us your backing, you too can be wealthy

poems will help you to keep things at bay

a poem a day keeps the vicar away.


If we are elected we’ll have poems for all,

the just about managing, the sick and the tall

with strong and stable readership

who’ll pay the service of the lip

ordinary working families galore

up and down the country and more.


We’ll build ten thousand new poetry schools

it’s all been costed by three thousand fools

we’ll serve poetry soup for all primary kids

rescue pencil budgets which are on the skids.


So give us your backing with us you’re secure

we never shall press the Dactylic button

the nuclear rhyme has lost its allure.


Poetry is what this country needs most

we shall read on the beaches and recite on the coast

we shall write poetry on an industrial scale

that is the way we shall prevail!