Box 3

Gadget Man

I have to admit – it’s a crippling affliction
there is no remedy for gadget addiction
can’t get out of bed
without checking my pad
my iPhone, my iPad, my iWatch – my life
I greet them b’fore I say hello to my wife

Whatsapp, what message, what pics do I see?
who’s texted or’s anyone facetiming me?
My smart cam just pinged me
alert at the door
phew, it’s only the cat
jumping up from the floor

I have to admit – I’ve got a NEW friend
addictive like drugs on whom I depend
I will introduce her but please don’t be rude
she’s well spoken and not even tattooed
though she looks like a tube of vinegar pringles
she’s but a voice-controlled speaker for singles

Alexa takes orders and answers my question
anything from gadget abuse to indigestion
she orders my food, converts pounds into grams
and even informs me about poetry slams
she talks to my iWatch and measures my pulse
she tracks every step and presents the results

she talks to my iFridge, cooks iFood for me
so that I can enjoy my iTime TV
I have to admit I sometimes feel lonely
despite my Alexa, the one and the only.

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