Box 1

Poetry soup with potato & carrot

in 4 easy steps
serves none

Take one old couch potato
gently peeled off the sofa,
dangle bacon and eggs
in front of nose
or use carrot and stick
Slice half a pound of words into
six abstruse metaphors
and lay in large pan of figurative speech;
pour rhythm stock over the broth
and heat up gently,
but don’t hyperbole
cook on low heat until all the
ingredients make your heart leap up
like a rainbow in the sky
Cool down
reduce the heat and have a drink –
now think: alliterate, alleviate, amend
discard the bay leaves of your soul
grind rhythm, form and imagery
to an everlasting paste,
either stirring by hand
or using a word processor
Bring back to the boil
simmer gently for a few minutes
season to taste
and transfer to printer
serve yourself
or enjoy your poetry soup with a friend
and a glass of red wine.

Beware: May not contain any nutrients!

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